Atlas Global Technology Ltd provides specialist advice on any aspect of pavement performance, from roads to airfields, logistical and industrial hard-standings. Where required, this is supported by state-of-the-art testing and analytical software.


We have over 30 years of international engineering and infrastructure consultancy combined experience. Our aim is to provide sustainable solutions that address the needs and strategic goals of our clients. Through our innovative technology, we also minimise design risk.


End user expectations and demands are increasingly high. Reducing capital and maintenance costs can be realised by:


  • Economic design under increasing traffic loads;
  • Using locally produced or waste materials;
  • Cost-effective design ;
  • Considering whole life costing and maintenance;
  • Improving performance under increasingly stringent environmental constraints
  • Responding to pressures for more sustainable and low energy construction.


To meet the above demands, future pavement design will be dictated by end performance instead of the traditional recipe approach. In practice, this may mean site specific solutions which go beyond current design standards and specifications.


ATLAS is able to provide market leadership in this new approach covering:


  • Understanding pavement behaviour and materials properties ;
  • Technology development;
  • Engineering analysis and design;
  • Specialist testing;
  • Performance appraisal and assessment;
  • Expert advice and witnessing.


This approach and range of services goes far beyond traditional engineering consultancy. Our work frequently involves working in collaboration and partnership with private sector companies to bring new products and techniques into the marketplace. We also provide an expert-added value service to consulting engineers.


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